The brand; it started off as an underwear company targeting a young generation of extreme sports fans. Known for its outrageous designs which have been extremely well received by the market at their launch and even more so today. The company is experiencing a continuous strong growth and has a concrete vision of its future. They have an aggressive image, design and campaign in Europe where they are highly present in every single type of “mainstream” extreme sport.

With the expansion of the company they got more and more interested in the MX World as well as all other extreme sports including Skiing, BMX and Freestyle. So this year they have joined forces with our brand SHOT RACE GEAR to develop an edgy MX collection of FREEGUN by SHOT. Due to Shot’s know how and years of experience, the gear they have put forward is specifically designed to accommodate the agility of MX riders and reflect the spirit of the sport itself which is young, fresh and exciting.

Both brands have without a doubt committed themselves to extreme sports by involving themselves in the form of supporting riders and events such as the last X-Games in Los Angeles. In addition they have proved to have a solid team at the Las Vegas Mini Moto SX Competition where they won the title.

They add an extra touch of uniqueness compared to other products in the market. They are increasingly popular among young people who are starting to discover the brand through extreme sports athletes sponsored by FREEGUN such as, Jarryd McNeil (won medal at 2012 X-Games), Ryan Abrigo (won at Las Vegas MiniMoto Sx world championship), Drew Gosselar, Ashley Fiolek (2012 Motocross Champion and won at Las Vegas MiniMoto Sx world championship) or Tommy Searle, Arnaud Tonus, Xavier Boog, David Pulley, Mike Gray (BMX Rider) & David Rinaldo among others.

In addition they constantly use social media as a tool to keep the consumers interested, involved and up to date, an example is Freegun’s youtube channel :